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What a pain in the…

So you have had the IVF and suddenly you have sharp, aching pains down your legs? Oh, that’s so sweet, the progesterone and relaxin in your body is making things stretch and make room for the body….

Are. You. Kidding. Me.

This is so painful – and I really hope that other women don’t suffer it as badly as this. But if you do, you can say goodbye to a full nights sleep and hello to night roaming. What makes this even more insufferable, is the inability to just swallow pain killers or muscle relaxants. Oh no no, those labels clearly say not to take if you are or could be pregnant. So deal with it you must! If you need support during this 2am pacing, you can google the hell out of it to see the words of sympathy and solutions from others who have been in your place. Spoiler alert: There is none. Just the “Yes, that happens. Good luck!”

But do not fear! It doesn’t last. 2 and half days and the pain has gone…. straight to my hips. And now I think I preferred the leg pain. Sitting, standing, lying, walking – none of these are comfortable. The amount of acrobatical formations I attempted during my sleep last night, all led to failure in a pain free position. The good news, is that with some heat packs and a little massage from your partner, you can trick your mind into thinking the pain is becoming more subtle, and you can fall asleep from the sheer exhaustion of it all, and get a few good hours shut eye. Hallelujah!

If the legs took 2 and a half days, then I am hoping the hips take the same amount of time… Then surely the worst – until labour – is over…


One thought on “What a pain in the…

  1. I have a herniated disc in my L4/L5 so I get it – my recovery has gone to shit since this 6th and final round of DEIVF began. Delestrogen shots have wreaked chaos, PIO start this weekend, yayyyy


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